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How do you know, if I am the right Coach for you?

Empathic Coaching

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Time spent as a Yoga Instructor and Hospice Companion has equipped her with the necessary knowledge to show up with an empathetic coach. She is complimented most for her calm approach to crisis management, and empowering approach to victims of abuse and violence. Motivated by her personal experience, she is passionate about coming alongside people experiencing spiritual awakenings, acute depression, domestic violence, religious trauma, and narcissistic abuse.

"To help you on this journey, I promise to show up as an empathetic, compassionate and authentic coach you can trust to walk by your side in life.
Together, we will make this happen."

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"You’re unique, special and one-of-a-kind in every possible way. You’re also someone on a journey through life who is always looking for new ways to experience the world around you. Or you may be walking through a very difficult phase of your life where things are not making sense the way they used to, and you feel very alone in the void. How do I know? Because I’m walking my own journey as I share these words with you right now."

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Near Death Experience

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A Near Death Experience in 2017 initiated a radical shift to minimalism and introduced a more spiritual approach to life.The spiritual awakening that took place and continues to develop has had intense highs and lows, and continues to guide her forward on this path. Prayer, intention, and sacred space are essential pieces in supporting people to shift forward.


Leisure Activities

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Outside her career life, Amanda enjoys horseback riding, creating art, and traveling. She is a volunteer and advocates for development at a grassroots NGO in Tanzania

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