One day in 2017, everything changed.

Coming close to death changed the way I looked at everything around me and led me to realize I wasn't really living my own life, I was following my culture's template. I became committed to letting go of attachments and possessions. I started to question Western society's values not only on an intellectual level, but in a way that motivated me to take actions where I spent energy on advocacy, peaceful protests, and volunteerism. I started to see that my qualities and character needed attention, are are truly the most valuable things I have because I was unable to take the rest of my material stuff with me out of the body. I had a split second but seemlingly long moment where I was in the presence of Divinity, and I will never be the same because I know now from expereince that we are aware and conscious once we leave the body. I also believe that you shouldn’t have to experience the near miss that I did to reset your life and transform your mind.


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